I truly believe in a good and solid recruitment service, which all parties appreciate.
Where companies trust their partners.
Where candidates enjoy their "candidate's experience" and appreciate the added value that
each processing touch-point brings.
Where recruiters are trustworthy and deliver what was promised.

‚ÄčThat is why Scale IT Up was born. 

To scale up businesses and initiatives by leaning with a key and reliable partner in recruitment. To
enable candidates to plan a next career move smartly by consulting with someone who
understands the market and can truly advise an optimal solution.

Commitment, flexibility and agility - these are the three key-traits to build a long-term
partnership. These are what Scale IT Up is all about.

Dear Visitor,  I hope you share at least some of the values mentioned above.    
If so, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the visit!    
Agnieszka, Scale IT Up