Excuses are for weak people

Excuses are for weak people

“Excuses are for weak people”, - someone I used to work with said this quote often to her subordinates. Tough judgement, right? One should not be so strict – there are plenty of different factors that happen to us and (in)directly affect our situation, aren’t there?

Our day-to-day routine is being influenced by everyone we meet and everything we face.

As an example, you can show up late at work and blame traffic, or you can admit you should’ve woken up earlier to avoid traffic jams.

Or what about that task you didn’t manage to complete in time? If you’d only have the proper tools to work with it wouldn’t be a problem to finish it in a timely fashion, right?

Perhaps it’s not the tools, but more your way of managing your time. You knowing that one task requires more time than the other should prompt you to schedule your task in a time-effective manner so that you’re able to finish your tasks in time.

You can always blame THEM for THEIR lack of cooperativeness, immaturity, and limited experience.

When resigning from your old job you can always find a reason to put the blame of employer, peers and basically the whole world.

Will you be able to fully justify this, though?

From a technical point of view we can clearly say that no matter how subjective our perception is, the reality remains the same:

  • If you arrive at work 15 min late, you would need to stay 15 minutes longer at work.
  • If you did not complete the task, you still need to complete it.
  • If you leave your job, the true reason for that stays always in the middle and is a combination of plenty of reasons, not just one.

It took me quite some time to understand that making excuses does not improve my situation in any way, but makes me only more vulnerable. If I am controlling my life and the things I do, I should be able to control, or at least attempt to control the factors that influence me. It’s not always easy but it is the right thing to do.

Why is it worth to reconsider sharing your another excuse with the world?

From the top of my head I can name several reasons why you shouldn’t create your reasoning based on “because….”:

  • You should be in control of your life, not let different factors move you around;
  • You want to be recognized as a professional on whom your colleagues can rely, no matter what;
  • This explanatory attitude will keep you in status quo and will not encourage you to grow;
  • Every difficult situation is not a problem, but rather a challenge – an opportunity to step out of the box, be creative, innovative and figure out new, and better solutions.

All my bosses (previous and current ones) used to say to me: don’t come to me with problem unless you have several solutions figured out to propose. This might sound harsh and it might be difficult, but it surely is a right process to follow.

Watching successful Leads and Managers I see that they are the least complaining group of people in my business eco-system. Maybe because they do not have their boss to put blame on or maybe because they learned the lesson some time ago. They have achieved success so this appears to be a good way to go.

Do I always avoid excuses and never explain myself with all irrelevant factors?

Surely not! No one does. Instinctively when a troubling case pops out I want to start with a convenient excuse that will ease my pain. Can I always assess the situation clearly – of course not! I am, however, fully confident that excuses and blaming everyone else but myself will not bring me anywhere and keep me in the same dark place for a long time.

Christmas is coming, we start to share our wishes. Allow me to share mine too.

May this special time be of use for you to think about yourselves in a more objective way. Do not become defensive, but challenge yourself to constantly grow and improve. May 2017 be time when each problem you face you acknowledge a challenge as a starting point to fight for yourself.

I commit to make the above happen in 2018. Excuses are for weak people, believe me. I choose not to be weak but stronger and stronger with time. Will you join me in this resolution?