Meet The Eagle's Watch

I’m a Recruiter who work in the business for over 7 years now. I dealt with thousands of candidates, worked hundreds of roles and spoke to numerous businesses. This is what I like doing. I can tell honestly, I have a good job.
On a daily basis I look for good employment places.
Now I can also create one.

Recently I got to know the Eagle’s Watch foundation through my friends. The aim of their activity is to help people in northern Iraq get back to normality. “The Great Job” project is a short and complete action to recreate a workplace for people who suffered directly from terrorists and are in extremely bad economic situation.

My business, Scale IT Up supports Eagle’s Watch. Me myself, I am their Volunteer.

  • Because I feel that we owe it to the people and the world to give back at least a part of the good we had received. To make the world a better place. Sounds idealistic? Maybe it does. What is important, it surely does the magic. The extreme help is being given.  
  • Also, this is us acting smart. Eagle’s Watch offers one of the most effective CSR I have ever heard of (and I heard plenty:)

Key data:

  • Each project costs ca. 1-3 k USD. Can you imagine? Let’s be honest, 10 k PLN is not that much of a money, even for an individual, not to mention for the business. This money is ALL that is needed to create a whole new workplace. A whole family can provide for itself from now on. This is what “The Great Job” project is about. Beautiful, isn’t it?
  • Since 2017 over 70 projects were completed. 69 of them are running at the moment.

Further information can be found at the website (PL / ENG) or their YouTube.

If you want to get to know more, support the whole project or give a donation – contact me for more data or just visit the website.

We are open to discuss any ways of cooperation with CSR/Operation offices.

Keep safe. Keep making the world a better place!

  720 727 307