Privacy Policy

announced on 2nd of August 2018.

Scale It Up is committed to protect candidates' privacy. The policy covers the website and connected with the company its official channels.
”Personal Data“ is considered any information that can be used to identify a person, and may include, but not only, name, email address, postal or other physical address, title, and other personally identifiable information. 

This policy ensures that all the Personal Data provided is processed according to the candidate's wish (declared in a written or verbal form) and in accordance with the law. 
As an approval for processing Data by Scale It Up we consider: candidate's consent registered at the company's website or partnering sites in the process of applying for a job or registering candidate's resume, email consent, verbal and direct approval to process the data. By giving approval on processing you agree to be considered for any job opening that will be relevant and arise within a year from the date the contact was initiated or the last contact occurred. Within this time Scale It Up will be able to initially consider  you for a new opening and contact you in order to share all the job's details. The eventual processing of your application and data by third parties will happen only after you grant your consent for such action. Should the candidate want to be considered only for the one option, he/she should share this with Scale It Up in any available form.

The data collected will be processed internally and shared with partnering companies with regards to ongoing recruitment processes and only after candidate's approval to such action. As a candidate, you are always entitled to request a report on the processing history of your data, companies your data was shared with and the exact timelines. 

Your rights in data administration concern the following areas:

Access: You can request more information about the Personal Data that is stored. You can also request a report of the Personal Data.
Rectification: If you believe that any Personal Data about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can request a change. 
Objection: You can specify that you object to the collection or use of your Personal Data for certain purposes.
Erasure: You can request partial or holistic erasure of your Personal Data from our systems.
Restriction of Processing: You can ask to restrict further processing of your Personal Data.
Portability: You have the right to ask for a copy of your Personal Data. You can also request that this will be  transmitted to another party your data was shared with in the prior processing. 
Withdrawal of Consent:  You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note, however, that if you exercise this right, then you may have to then provide an express consent on a case-by-case basis for the use or disclosure of your certain  Personal Data, if such use or disclosure is necessary to enable you to utilize some or all of our services.
Right to File Complaint: You have the right to lodge a complaint about Scale IT Up practices with respect to your Personal Data with the supervisory authority of your country or EU Member State.

At any time you would have right to:

Gain an access to all your data that we use or process, or even get a copy of all of it
Order us to delete your data
Correct the data that we are processing if you think that there are mistakes
Restrict the data processing
Object to processing
Receive your Personal Data in a commonly used and machine-readable format or to transmit this data to a different provider.

Keep your data secured, Scale It Up has introduced an internal Office Security Policy to ensure that there is no data breach. Clear Desk policy has been introduced, all the data is being stored in the cloud and masked with passwords. Only authorized parties have an access to it. 

Should the unlike data breach event happen, all the affected parties will be immediately informed whatsoever with an  exact information on what data has been exposed and what is the immediate solution Scale It Up is going to undertake in order to prevent unwanted consequences to happen and prevent such situations from happening again. 

If you choose to recommend a friend for an opening, you will represent his/her consent to process the data until Scale IT Up contacts him/her for the first time and  requests for a direct consent.